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24k Black Films is an award winning creative production company working to develop and produce positive and unique commercially viable, low risk, high quality African-American focused films that will provide reliable short-term return on capital and long-term residual income.

24k Black Films performed an analysis of “Black films” made between 1997 and 2017 (excluding all A-list Black film stars projects), On average, the 133 films earned back 93% of its budget during the opening US weekend. In addition, domestic box office represented, on average, 277% of each films budget. Just domestic box office. That does not include streaming revenue, DVD revenue, international box office, pay TV, or free tv ancillary streams of revenue.

• Black films between 1997 and 2016 had an average production budget of $14.721 million.

• There were 718 films released to theaters in the US in 2016. Of those, only 11 qualified as “Black films”, despite the fact that Blacks account for 13.3% of the population. Each was profitable.

• $1.3 Billion in buying power in 2016 (Nielsen)

• 13.3% of U.S. population

• 12% of North American ticket sales

• African-American’s go to movies more than 2x/month

• 81% of the movies seen by African-American’s do not feature a leading or supporting African- American cast member or storyline